Saturday, 18 April 2015

Cornish Mist: Second Day: Wednesday - Porthcurno

 Ha! Caution thrown to the winds. Sun in the sky. We launch out again. Penzance first for shopping. Then... shall we make a day of it? Shall we try again for West Penwith? Yes we do. And we can see that wall of sea mist again but it seems to be clinging to the northern side proper. So we  reach Porthcurno. And quite a few people are thinking the same...Its white beach containing a good old sprinkling of families and swimmers.
We eat our lunch stuff picked up at Archie Brown's, down some water and decide to tackle the coast path up to the top of the cliff. You can just see the start of the path that I mean in this photo here.
It do look beautiful mind. Yellow gorse, creamy white blackthorn blossom and all sorts of birds chiffing, chaffing and singing. Up we goes and if I say so myself we did tackle that path like mountain goats.... on all fours and sometimes backwards.
Did we see a basking shark?
No, my dears. But I don't care.
Aarh-Haarh! Poldark!

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