Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cornish Mist: First Day Out - Tuesday

Beautiful day Tuesday. We decide to take advantage. Where have we not been for a while? I've never managed this "basking shark spotting" that people are up to. The cliffs around Porthcurno perhaps?
We set off. But as Penzance comes into sight we do spot it.... The all-enshrouding sea mist, a wall of grey cutting off the hills behind Penzance. Perhaps not Porthcurno then.

A quick revise and a swing round on the old A30 to the north coast. Godrevy? Blotted. Portreath? Lost. Porthtowan? Not to be seen. Nothing for it. St Agnes Beacon again then. The hill is clear and we climb about it and sit and watch the mist blot out farms and fields then waltz away and leave them to the sun again.
The mist might be hard to spot in me photo here... but it's that grey wall at the top... wandering around the coast behind St. Agnes.
Aah-Haarh! Poldark!

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