Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mrs D Cooks Up A Cartoon

Well... what do you know! Mrs D has managed to cook up a cartoon after all. It has only taken her about five months. But people say that the latest thing is "slow-cooking" and Mrs D is the Mistress of Slow.

I should perhaps explain that she has changed technique and is trying out hand-drawn animation instead of traditional stop-motion. As she has no dedicated 2D drawn-animation software, she has tried out a process based on her ancient graphics software program and her stop motion animation software. I could explain how she did it but unfortunately I fell asleep whilst she was explaining it all to me - so I'll spare you the details.

Find the cartoon on her Syb & Me project. It's called "All Change" and involves Syb, Mrs D and a cat. It's very short but it makes The Old Man laugh so press its arrow button and play.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Dream Time: A Woman's Work....

I often dream I am in my home. Except that, although it is familiar, in waking life I have never lived in it. This one is dark, rather old but full of rooms and... for a change... people, although maybe not people I know from waking life.

Anyhoo, I be muddling along quite happily when I do realise that it is almost suppertime and I have not yet started to make the dough for the meal. For some reason... fried onions seem to figure large too. I panic a little but start anyway, confident I will manage somehow. Then I wake up.

Not very profound, is it.
But I wonder... How many men have anxiety dreams about cooking? Do any men have such dreams?

Then maybe also... I do share Mrs D's anxiety that she has left it all too late to cook up some art. She draws and draws her cartoon frames of Syb and Her and Cats even. But there is always something else to draw, or record or edit.

Hmmm. Going to stop pontificating on dreaming life now, shape that dough... and turn it into something.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Happy New Year

Towards the end of 2016 things grew more social for The Old Man et moi.

Now, understand that this doesn't mean gadding about and hob-nobbing at full tilt. No, no. It do mean that occasionally someone crossed our threshold other than ourselves and food and drink was shared and connections made. But even more often it meant that old connections were re-established. And what is most strange is that it seems as if strong bonds made in youth can pick up and conversations continue as if no time has passed and certainly not decades. Such conversations seems less stilted than those between more recent connections. Is that about youth itself do you think?

Alors! If 2017 proves to be an example of "interesting times" I do heartily wish the comfort of of re-connection and reinforced friendship for you all.