Monday, 21 April 2014

Garden - Last Minute Fruit Planting

Been some lovely days this weekend, though now it's raining again. I manage to plant a blackcurrant bush just before the rain begins... the rain will be good for the bush I hope. Got a Japanese wineberry waiting to be planted as well. The moral for our garden is... grow nothing too lush, for we do a good line in strong sea-winds, mizzle, slugs, snails, bindweed and nettles. Then, we also can get fierce sun with no rain, for good measure. Things have to be tough. The fruit can't be too tender or demanding. If we get something to eat from them... then thank you very much.
I mean it. Thank you.
The rhubarb is a blessing. And there are some little apple trees, including one I do call "Grandma". She is old, canker-struck and lichen covered. She do hit me on the head regularly when I garden near her... but it makes her feel good. I apologise to her and later she will give me an apple. "Grandma", see. Her branches spread out. We have at least two of them propped on stakes for support because each year since we came here she do crop more and more. Lovely cookers, sharp and fluffy. But The Old Man don't think she is a Bramley.
Surprisingly, we also manage strawberries. As long as I pick 'em a bit early and ripen them indoors. Not because of the birds... but because of the slugs and woodlice. And we planted a Kea Plum (small Cornish cooking plum) several years ago. The tree has grown but we have had only one tiny misshapen fruit so far. This year there is a bit more blossom on it. Will we get a fruit?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Record Store Day - Saturday 19th April 2014

Just reminding you... whilst they are still there to be visited and used... tomorrow (Saturday 19th April) be Record Store Day when you can celebrate the great tradition of independent record shops and see who has set up events, special releases, live music and so on. 
If you want some music outside "the charts"? Some coffee? A book? A dvd? A chance to chat about a new release, the music you want... or dogs.. or stuff? Forget Amazon and try out your local independent record shop...
There aren't many. So let's use 'em or.... lose 'em.

And I do say if you is in the West Country.... in the vicinity of Falmouth... visit Jam Records.  Totnes? Then Drift Record Shop...

By the way... I do pick up my copy of Liz Green's "Haul Away" from Jam only this week....

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Good Weather - Out And About

Been enjoying camellias, magnolias and such like at Trewidden.
And the next day.... a quick march around Goonhilly Downs.... (eh-hem)... where there be six tall wind-turbines and I do not hear a sound from them and ... they are working... and anyways I buy my electricity from a renewables only company.
Yes. I am that kind of girl.

Rhododendron flower at Trewidden
Goonhilly Downs

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The New Me

Okay. I have had discussions with Mrs D about this duplication thing. And once I "put my best face on".... I start to accept the transfer to a new body... in a Frankenstein manner.
Mmmmn.... Mrs D as Dr Frankenstein.
She do assure the old me that I will be celebrated by being kitted out in a new transformation dress.
Preferably bright red I do say....
Though... mind... I don't think her problems be entirely solved with bits of the "New-Me". She be tut-tutting about hands and faces, see. And I do think they legs be a bit spindly like.

Nevertheless I am assured that, one day, I ("New-Me") shall stand on me own two feet for a change.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Listening To: "I Lie" by David Lang From Soundtrack of " La Grande Bellezze"

A friend recently gave me the soundtrack recording for "The Great Beauty" (see previous post) and this is just one of the items on the double CD. The Yiddish lyrics for "I Lie" are from a song written by Belorussian-born Jewish poet, Joseph Rolnick who died (1955) in the USA aged 76. The lyrics...perhaps the words of a girl waiting for her lover... were set to music by composer David Lang as a commission for all-women vocal ensemble Kitka, first performed in 2001.
"I lie down in bed alone.....

Friday, 4 April 2014

Travels With My Film-Life: Italy's "La Grande Bellezza"

We be back in Italy.... Roma.... sampling "The Great Beauty". A philosophical journey for us oldies as we contemplate the value of our.... values and where one finds the beauty. All that we call "beautiful"... and notions of success.
The film itself is beautiful.... a succession of images,days, thoughts, even memories of the 65 year-old, world-weary journalist Jep Gambardella - played by Toni Servillo.... a Sorrentino regular whom we do watch in "The Consequences of Love" (that post is here).
I contemplate this Roman procession after the film ends and think it is moving but demands some time and patience to sink in.
The Old Man do not indulge time and patience when it comes to forming opinions, so he do be more doubtful about it all.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Enough Is Enough

"I've had enough of this... this .. duplication!" I do say to Mrs D. "...All of these bits of wire and stuffing and stocking and such. What you trying to do to me? What is this creature you are making?"

And Mrs D cannot look me in the eye.

But I know.... I know...
that she is making another ME."

Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014

Kneehigh Theatre's Asylum Play for 2014: Dead Dog in a Suitcase

Kneehigh Theatre's new Asylum production this year will be at the Lost Gardens of Heligan near Mevagissey. It's a reworking of John Gay's "Beggars Opera" re-written by Carl Grose and with music by Charles Hazlewood. It's called "Dead Dog in a Suitcase: and other love songs". It's on 30th August to 28th September 2014 at 7.45pm. Booking is open now (via Hall For Cornwall) with an Early Bird price offer until May 1st.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mrs D Has Plans For Me...

... and I ain't sure I like them.
The other day she do lay me down... in an undignified manner... and do draw round me. Then she do fetch out a great big metal ruler and do proceed to measure me up. Does she know something I do not?

I know I'm a bit tired now. There was that time me head fell off..... and I lost a finger I think. And things don't bend like they should. The hair's a bit dull but... hey... I am an elder person. The way she do treat me I do feel like she be making me ready for that wicker coffin.

Next thing I know I am forced to look at a headless wire monster and to stand (or lie) next to it.

No. I do not like this at all.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring And Stuff

Definitely spring has come... although the rain do fall as usual today. But the other day.. which be sunny... we lift up the dustsheet which we had spread out on the decking.. (the dustsheet we do block the back door with when the wind do drive in the rain). Underneath the sheet is a fully grown slow worm... bronze and sleek... still slow moving until I leaped indoors to get me camera... when it skidaddled toot sweet.... fast as a flash.
There are also some yellowhammers visiting the bird feeding area. They look wonderful and unbelievable. Like yellow bright canaries sitting in the plum tree in the feeding queue. Both slow worms and yellowhammers were thin on the ground last year. So I be very pleased to see them.

Ourselves? We do have a new baby. It sits in the corner and we do stare at it lovingly.
"Isn't it clean," say we.
"Isn't it quiet," agree we.
A brand new washing machine. Spring and spring-cleaning has arrived.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Animated Discussions: Kijek/Adamski - Shugo Tokumaru Music Video

Shugo Tokumaru / Katachi from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

From Polish animators Kijek / Adamski. If my previous animation post sampled the impromptu, "simple" end of things.... this music video is a pearl of the more complicated kind. (Quote from their Cargo page: "...made with approx. 2000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using computer-controlled cutter.")