Sunday, 4 October 2015

Four Wheels On Our Wagon ... we have another car and have been lurching around the autumnal lanes of Cornwall whilst The Old Man do get used to driving petrol again after years of diesel. It will get better we tell ourselves ... as he do make the umpteenth attempt to get out of our impossible parking space in this new wagon... or do try the key in the door and set off the alarm.
All this is good timing... for next week we do sample the heady delights of Penzance for a live broadcast of "The Marriage of Figaro" at the cinema and I do not believe the local buses would be obliging enough to be operating still by the time we emerge, definitely staggering, from the performance.
But the week have taken its toll ... and we stare at another barrage of medical appointments amidst our nervous and financial exhaustion. All together now....
"It will get better."

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Disaster Strikes Our Mobility

What can I say? The car goes in for an MOT. Gets through the physical check... and when they roll it onto the emissions detector set-up... the back wheels fall off.
I mean... anyone would think the car had been made by Mrs D.

We have to buy another second-hand car toot suite! (Parp! Parp!)

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Hard-Boiled Nightfall

A darkening room and the sound of two shots cracking out. In the blaze of light I see the stooped figure of The Old Man. He have flexed his knees, stood up and turned the light on. Supper time.
Watching "Beck" later.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Discussing St Ives

A friend says how much she would like to visit St. Ives... although she knows I don't like it much. I do explain again the changes it is undergoing in the building rush, etc., etc. She do look at me and say:
"But I thought the light is supposed to be so special in St Ives."

I explain that this is not a property of St. Ives per se. West Cornwall is a narrow peninsula jutting into the Atlantic Ocean and as such is surrounded by sea... it is this that effects the quality of the light in the region.

Later... an image.... "The Myth of The Serotisation of The Light of St. Ives" do conjure up before my eyes.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hard-boiled Foraging: Doll-Style

Pick your sloes. Wash them, stab them with a needle... several times. Pack them in a jar. Pour some sugar on them. Drown them in gin. Let them "stew" so to speak, for quite some time.
Then come Christmas... throw the sloes away and drink the gin.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Scandi-Crime Saturdays Are Back On BBC Four

Starting last Saturday (12th September) ... I am sitting back in me telly chair for a Scandinavian crime drama slot on BBC Four... the Swedish series "Beck". I can't work out from their schedule if we have only two feature-length episodes ... so maybe next Saturday is the last of these already.
"Beck" is drawn from the books of the pioneers of Swedish crime writing as we think of it - the duo Per Wahloo and Mai Sjowall who established their detective Martin Beck back in the 1960s and 1970s.

It has also been announced that we are getting a second series of "Arne Dahl", the Swedish telly series centred on the A-Unit or Intercrime police unit created by Swedish crime writer Arne Dahl. I shall look forward to these as well although, having just finished reading Dahl's "To The Top Of The Mountain", I want to emphasise that the books are definitely worth reading even if you have seen the telly series. Dahl's writing has a depth to the characters and a wry style that is greater than Series One of the telly version would have us believe, enjoyable though that version is.

There is also supposed to be a return of "The Bridge" with Season 3 minus Kim Bodnia, co-star of the first two series.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Nights Out in West Cornwall

Last night I went to Manderley... and did thoroughly enjoy Emma Rice's production of "Rebecca" at the Hall for Cornwall. The Kneehigh approach, working well, makes for a wonderful ensemble piece - and so it was. I admit that you might be lost if you have never read the book or seen the classic 1940 Olivier/Joan Fontaine film of same name. With this dramatic but quite rollicking production there is music, lights, flashes, booms, spirited dancing (Aah! The wonderful Katy Owen as houseboy Robert... I did love her... as did the whole audience, I think.) and a puppet dog. No. I said "puppet" not "puppy". I was not so sure about Emma Rice's final vision of the post-traumatic heroine, the ever nameless second Mrs De Winter, though. The set - an already partially ruined Manderley which embraces both boat and cove - worked well. The Old Man do ask why it was part-ruined already. And I was a bit puzzled... but decided to meself that in some ways the book/work is a recounting of memories... so a ruin is OK. Lord knows what the set designer thought... but contemplating what one has seen is about pondering what is/was communicated as much as having a good time. And I did have a good time. It be all good stuff. Give it a go if you can. It's still touring the country until Dec 5th.

So what's next for us furious gadabouts (more furious than gadding) confine to West Cornwall? Ah! That be a touch of the live relay opera again at our local cinema. Soon... early October... "Marriage of Figaro" from the Royal Opera House. Jolly good!