Sunday, 11 April 2010

Rural life - & Blogging

So I'm really tired still. But then it's been a beautiful day and I've been in my garden; digging and clearing and planting.

The old man came into the garden to say that the neighbours' horse was down on her side in the field and he could hear our neighbour talking to her. Things looked problematic. They've had the horse for 30 years. A working horse, now retired, she stands in the field and eats and sleeps; a cobby wonder with a great, sway-backed figure. I love to see her out there.

The old man and I go over to see if we can help. But what do we know about horses? Our neighbours are busy stacking haybales at the horse's back and stroking her head and talking to her. She seems to be asleep again at one point. Now and then she tries to get up, but can't quite get purchase on the slope of the hill. Our neighbours have been dreading this. They discuss calling the vet out, and with heavy heart one goes in to make the call. While they do this, the horse comes to and with a heave and a roll - she's up; tossing the other neighbour aside like a bowling ball. The horse stands there and looks around for something to eat. The other neighbour comes back out and they discuss what they should do. Cancel the vet or let him come?

Later in the day, I see the horse. Standing in the field. Still eating. Thank heavens.

I got emails from two friends today. Both discussing what they'd read on the blog, by way of keeping up with The Doll's news. That's really great. That's what I want to happen. I'm still quite taken aback by some friends' responses to the news that The Doll is blogging. Along the lines of ... "prefer proper conversation, not got time, too drunk, etc etc."

Well, La-di-Dah.

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