Thursday, 13 May 2010

Musical listening:

I found through "Blogging for Dummies" by Susannah Gardner. I know I should be way cooler than this. And find out about it some other more "street-cred" way. But hey - what can I say?
The Doll has a Bus pass, already.

So I visited and signed up. And started listening while I puttered around the Internet.

And "scrobbling" is proving a good way to find more world music for me to listen to. Or other kinds of music for that matter. (Yeah- don't ask - "Scrobbling" is what they call it. And you download a "Scrobbler" especially for the task.)

So I log in and start with someone's music that I know and like and they fire up a "Radio Station" based on that artist and similar artists. The "Radio" keeps on playing tracks until you click it stopped. (You can skip stuff you're not liking.)

Or sometimes I put in a type of music - say: Blues, or even Electrotango, - and the principle's the same.

But I have to say that this didn't work with "Doo-Wop". They only listed a handful of artists and by my reckoning - these were NOT Doo-Wop. I mean.... come on.... Dusty Springfield? Doo-Wop? You guys don't know Doo-Wop is what I think.

Perhaps it's supposed to work by listeners tagging their tracks with music labels? If it does, I'd better revisit, pull up some Doo-Wop groups by name and tag them as such.

Dusty Springfield indeed.

EDIT: OK trying again and getting a better result for Doo-wop - but still a bit strange around the edges. "Mash-up" is "Doo-wop" now?
Say what?

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