Tuesday, 22 June 2010

In which Nursey almost Reaches the End of her Tether

Yesterday -

In which the Old Man talked for hours about the operas he had attended - and got very emotional.

In which the Old Man talked of just about anything - and got very emotional.

In which Nursey went with Old Friend to Penzance and bought the Old Man a Green Linen shirt to go with his Orange Linen Jacket (see the Linen Jacket Post).

In which the Old Man got too emotional to take the Green Shirt out of its bag.

In which the Doctor rang and told the Old Man to keep his Fairy Tale feet (see Cinderella Post) well above his hips. And Old Friend offered her ceiling-hung clothes-drying rack as ultimate answer to "ankle upward" position.

In which Old Man explained to Nursey how she was failing to attend to detail.

In which Old Friend encouraged Nursey to share another bottle of wine.

In which Nursey could have swung for the Old Man by the end of the day.

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