Sunday, 27 June 2010

In which Nursey gets her Come-Uppance and Stretches her Tether

Tuesday 22nd June

This was serious.
This was no joke.

Because the Old Man began to feel very ill. Very ill indeed. And he tells Nursey he MUST see a doctor.

After getting through the resistance of GP's receptionist (as usual) a doctor comes. And she is good and she is thorough and she tells Old Man she's not happy and wants him to go in to hospital. And she rings back to say that she has got him a bed in the Main Hospital. But then he can't get to the car. And they send an ambulance.

And Old Friend and I follow on behind.

It is early evening and I wait while he is settled in to the admissions ward. A junior doctor examines him. Thinks there is congestion in a lung. He sticks a tube in Old Man's arm and takes some blood. The same story as with the last two checks that could be wangled out of the Doctors': rapid heart rate, low blood pressure.

I watch him being settled in, and return home with the Old Friend.

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