Sunday, 27 June 2010

Rough Times for the Old Man: Wednesday 23rd June

In the morning I ring up to find out how he is. Surprisingly, I do not speak to anyone medical. Immediately, I am passed over to Old Man himself.

He says he thinks he will be having some tests. I say I will come and see him in the afternoon. After they have done them.

And so old friend and I drive in later. Me with a carton of strawberries. I'm off to find out What's What.

When I get to the ward that I left him in - they send me on to another.

And when I get to that one - everyone is very busy and rushing around.
So I look on the board to find where the Old Man's bed is, so that I can go to see him.

There he is.
Old Man - C4.

And then I hear them shouting as they rush about:
"It's C4.... C4...."

And then I know that the Old Man is the emergency.

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