Sunday, 27 June 2010

Later - Wednesday 23rd June

So then a nurse comes to me and asks who I want to see.
I tell her "The Old Man" and she takes me into the office.

All the time they use the euphemism "collapse". So I imagine Old Man falling down next to the hospital bed. But then they say he has no pulse. And I think - they mean "cardiac arrest". Why don't they say so? Good Nurse comes back and reports on what is happening. She tells me the Old Man has been kick-started and is back with a beating heart. Nurses are very keen to get me a cup of tea.

Later a doctor comes in and tells me Old Man is "very, very, poorly". Another euphemism. Why are they using euphemisms all the time? Collapse... Very poorly.....
But he adds, with bluntness: "If he had been at home he would have died".

Yeah. We kind of thought he wasn't well but it was hard to get anybody interested.

Later, a sympathetic nurse tells me "Just dial 999. Ambulance men are paramedics. Forget about trying to get a doctor...."
But I am very thankful to the Dutch doctor who finally came to see him at home.

Can't remember your name. But thankyou, lady.

In a while, they start to talk about a room that is available for a family member to stay the night. I explain that I need to tell a friend what is happening.
They get someone to show me the way back to main entrance where old friend is waiting and reading. I tell her what happened.
And tell her to go home because this is just going on and on.
Yes I will ring for her to fetch me when I need to come home.
Yes any time, light or dark.

Then I go back. In order to follow the Old Man's Progress to the Coronary Care Unit.

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