Saturday, 12 June 2010

In which Nursey and The Old Man listen to Fado

Now.... continuing with the musical theme.

The Doll's niece sent the Old Man a present. By way of "Thinking of you and get well" kind of thing. Niecy said she had picked it up in Lisbon. (Ooooh!) And it is a CD of Fado music.

She said she didn't know if we knew the music. But because of the Blessed Charlie Gillett, I knew I had heard some fado music. Charlie Gillett played Mariza pretty often. But I thought I'd listen to some more, as well as the CD, so I requested "fado radio" from (see my post)

Now, I like the fado. But I suppose I would call it a kind of mood music.

But then - (the Doll stops to think) - is all music - "mood" music? I mean, I know I pick what I listen to according to my mood. You follow me?

Anyway, nice little segue coming up. The first tune that turned up on's Fado Radio was a number by Madredeus. And the group Madredeus was featured in a film I bought on DVD recently - which is "Lisbon Story" by Wim Wenders. And I watched the film and enjoyed it - being a bit of a Wenders fan.

So everything's gone quite Portuguese, really.

OK, OK. For those who wish to have more news of the Old Man. He has been punctured by the travelling phlebotomist. (That is to say - had a "home call" blood test.) And the GP came to call as well. So we's both relieved that he is on someone's books locally after being sent home from a hospital in another county. He's still very tired. The house still looks like a secondhand furniture store. And people are very kind.

Edit: Try clicking the words Lisbon Story above - to see a clip of the film which includes Madredeus sing Fado. And continuing the Portuguese theme - aint it great that the painter Paula Rego has been made a Dame.

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