Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In which Nursey Starts to Get Fed Up

OK. The novelty is wearing off now.

Basically no-one appeared yesterday to check the Old Man out. The Blood nurse doesn't come with a blood pressure thingy so she couldn't do it.

I went into the nearest town by bus - to get some shopping.

At the last shop - they asked after the Old Man. He's a devil, ain't he? They all ask after him.
Looking pointedly at the packet of chocolate biscuits in my basket - they say:

"Fancies a little treat, does he?"
"No." say I, "Nursey fancies a little treat. Them's for me."

Shopping went well, except for a longer than usual wait for the bus. I was anxious not to miss it and so was quarter hour early. And the bus was a quarter hour late. Add to that the algorithms of the timetable which alters bus times according to whether it is a school day or not: a tasty little trick that had quite a few holiday makers puzzled. And I stood there for nearly an hour - while me butter softened and took on new forms in me basket.

Got home to find the doctor had rung but the Old Man was not athletic enough to get to the phone in time. There's a surprise. The lengthy message was to the effect that he should make an appointment to come in to the surgery to have an ECG done by one of the nurses - and see if he could get an appointment with the doctor immediately afterwards.

Old Man looks at me and say: "No."

I quite agree. He's less than a fortnight after heart surgery; a week being home; and can barely stumble around the back garden.

So we ring again this morning. Ask for the blood test results which we normally get same day the blood is taken because it effects the number of rat poison pills he has to take, and ask again for a doctor's visit.

The receptionist rings back later with the results and says she's booked the doctor to visit tomorrow. We shall see.

Old Man still has puffy feet and legs - no-one has done anything other than take blood since Friday- And Nursey's getting IRRITABLE! Not to mention the Patient, who groans and shouts in his sleep when he takes a siesta.

As you can see. Nursey don't need to go to sleep to groan and shout. She can do it fully awake.

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