Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Medical trip: Day 2 - later

Done my chores.
Iced the greenfly on the Old Man's chillie plants.
Hung washing out.
Fed birds.
Inhaled deeply and rang hospital.
Old Man in surgery as I write.


Anonymous said...

Hello Little Grey Doll
Hang in there and keep going! I remember savagely defrosting the fridge when my Old Man was in surgery a couple of years ago. Time seemed to be suspended.
Love from BJJ in Glasgow xxxx

Little Grey Doll said...

Hello BJJ
Glad to know you're following this. Stripped the bed and washed the bedding. Am eyeing up the shower-room for tomorrow. There are few bits of wall could do with a repaint. Or shall I just hyperventilate?
xxx Greydoll