Sunday, 6 June 2010

Medical trip: Day 6 - surprise, surprise

So I managed to get through to the Marie Celeste this morning. And they seem to have done an overnight conversion to Speedboat Championships.

Nurse transformed with frightening speed from "He's doin really well. Didn't sleep too well last night..."
to - "So he may come home tomorrow."

Obviously puzzled by the stunned silence at my end. "Is that a problem?"

"Well - we live in West Cornwall, and I don't drive - so I've got to organise someone to come and get him..."

"Well it IS Day 5." (After the op itself she means.)

"Yes - but we were told 5 days for repair and 7 days if it's a replacement." (Yes folks, all this has been about mitral valve replacement surgery.)

"Well, he's doing really well and as I say we won't know for sure until the results of his bloods come back."

"So when can I ring back and find out if he's being discharged or not?"

"That won't be till late afternoon at least."

Still stunned silence.

"But don't worry - if you really can't organise someone to pick him up, we can sort that out.... And it could be Tuesday. That would be Day 6. As I say it all depends on the results..... All right?"

I sat in the kitchen a bit stunned. Was gonna go out with Big Sis for a couple of hours today.

Then I went and collected the still damp bed linen from the sun lounge, put it on the hi-dry - and switched it on. Better make the bed, then.

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