Monday, 7 June 2010

Medical trip: Day 7 - waiting

So I rang up the nurse early yesterday evening like she said. But the answer on whether The Old Man comes home today or not is still unknown.

Now I have to wait til middayish after Doctors' Rounds - to find out the verdict.

If they say YES - then it's all hands on deck for a 2 hour drive to get him.

If they say NO - then it's back to the phone to see who can do it tomorrow.

And yes, Little Grey Doll did manage a couple of hours out with Big Sis. Not least to sprint to local Farm Shop where milk and apples and oranges where got in for Old Man's return. Not to mention some of Farmer Jones' first broad bean crop for the Old Man. He do like a broad bean.

So - Farmer Jones. Have you found Dan Hick's site yet? If not - there it is - in Greydoll's "links" to the right there. Yes, I remember "Moody Richard". It reminded me of a long-standing not quite boyfriend I had, who came complete with the Dan Hicks de rigeur Moustachio. This, during those funky 1970s, was such an object of desire for me. Richard was not his name, but Moody he was. Which probably accounts for the "not quite" thing.

The song was on "Striking it Rich", the first Dan Hicks album that I bought. And then The Old Man turned up Dan Hicks' return to the recording world - "Beatin' the Heat", released in 2000. Happy Listening!

PS. For those of you who don't know the revered Dan Hicks you can Wikipedia him here.

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