Monday, 7 June 2010

Medical trip: Day 7 - Ventinglater

So I ring up late morning as they asked.
Nurse say: "Doctors have seen him, but the Physios have to check him out as well. Ring back in an hour's time."

I do that.

Someone else say: "Yes... he feels confident that he can do the stairs but the Physios have to check that with him."

I say: "When will that be?"

"Late afternoon, I think about 4..."

"Whoa, whoa. I can't commit the friend who's collecting him to start the 2 hour drive that time of day?"

"Just a minute.....
.......Well, yes he feels confident he can do the stairs. So I expect if you start out soon - by the time you get here he should be ready. That's if his drugs come by then of course.."

Deep breath.

"So where do we pick him up from? We had a piece of paper about the Discharge Lounge. Where is that?"

"Oh we closed the Discharge Lounge. You'll have to pick him up from the ward. If you just take your time getting back down to the Main Entrance. Have someone to carry his bags and stuff. Well ..... I suppose you'd better pick up a wheelchair when you come in to the Main Entrance...."

"And parking? Where can we park then - to pick him up?"

"Oh just park in the car park."

"Erm. It's impossible to park near the entrance.... we've been using the new one that's quite a stretch away.........."
And so on.

Let me repeat to all youse who read this. I have no problems with the Old Man's hospital and medical treatment. I am very grateful for the medical care he has received gratis. At least we don't live in a country full of freedom and the national way, and therefore have protect our individual liberty by selling our home to pay for his treatment.

But why do we have these useless bits of information that cause us to plan and make arrangements that don't mean anything at the end of the day? Operation dates, length of expected stay - even a non-existent pick-up point that doesn't exist anymore.

OK. I am thankful really. I am just .... stressed.

Just time for a cuppa - then wait to hit the road.

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