Sunday, 20 June 2010

Strawberries for Tea

And yesterday - strawberries were eaten for pudding alongside dark chocolate biscuits and shiraz wine. And very delicious it was too.

Even the Old Man took a chocolate biscuit with his strawberries. With much suspicion and caution. But eventually several were eaten.

Dug up the Doll's first potatoes - boiled, buttered and minted. Broad beans from the garden too.

This was good.

Lots of talk with old friend. Have you read this? Have you listened to that? What happened to so-and-so? And remember when....?

The Old Man is gaining bits of strength and clarity. But not happy with the Fairy Tale feet - still too big for the magic slippers.
He is nevertheless starting to Talk for England.

I may have to sedate him soon.

For my sake.

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