Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Monday 5th July: In which the Old Man Comes Home

Yes folks. He is back home. Just making the jump to tell you this. Will backtrack to fill in any details in this docu-drama that may be of interest. But at the hospital - the winding down towards discharge continued. And Big Sis and I collected him yesterday. I will try to have learned my lessons:
Vigilance must rule.
Be careful about being out of those Woods.
And don't forget to dial 999.


Here he is. Still wondering at his narrow escape. And still weeping at the thought of great plays and operas that he has seen. I suspect he may well weep when he finally steps into Farmer Jones' shop as well. - And all those shops that asked after him.... birdseed, newspapers, wholefood.... Old Man will weep in 'em all.

Thank you everyone that helped look after and look out for The Old Man.

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