Sunday, 25 July 2010

In which The Old Man gets behind the Wheel

The Old Man is driving his car again.

He climbed in for a test run on Friday. And it seemed to go OK.

So today we got in and drove to the beach at Long Rock. It's a good flat stretch for walking, with a free car park. So just the thing for The Old Man to stretch his legs a bit more than he can do at home.

The beach here is not very picturesque of itself. But it is part of the beautiful Mounts Bay. So here indeed was the Mount. Looking lovely.

The tide was out much further than usual this morning. The day was warm and sunny. And there were loads of people out with their dogs. It's one of the rare beaches where dogs are allowed all year round. Just in this part of the bay. So - dogs of all shapes and sizes were running, ball catching, stick rescuing, dog sniffing. Generally having a good time.

I had noticed two women on horseback following behind us as we drove into the car park.

And this is the bit that gets me angry.

Yes I know the beach is huge when the tide is out. But it is full of kids and families and dogs off the lead. These two women proceeded to gallop full tilt along the shoreline. Giving out good old horse-encouraging yells at the same time.

Not content with that - they sauntered down to the far end of the beach, turned, and did the same again. People were frantically calling their dogs in. Putting them on leads. Standing stock still while the women galloped along at full tilt. One dog raced after the horses and came dangerously close to the animals legs. But that didn't stop them galloping along and continuing their ride.

I was beside myself with fury at the arrogance of these riders . I know that a year or so ago a family's dog was killed on this beach when it was involved in just such an incident with a rider "out for a gallop on the sands".

OK. If you want to gallop along the sands. Find the right place and do it.

But NOT on one of the few family beaches where dogs are allowed.

This was really so dangerous. And so easily could have involved a child as well.

A pox on arrogant horse riders.

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