Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Proper Nursey comes to call.

So yesterday The Old Man waited in for the GP's phone call that he had specifically asked for. This was because the GP had said he would discuss the Old Man's Warfarin dosage size with the relevant Doctor in the practice.

And when I say "waited in" - I mean that The Old Man put off his daily 500 yard trip up and down the lane to exercise those muscles and heart pump. He put the walk off so long that it didn't happen. Cos he kept thinking the doctor would ring.

Did the Doctor ring?

Course he didn't.

But today we had a visit from the Cardiac Nurse. She stayed for about an hour gettin' the full story from The Old Man, taking his blood pressure, listenin' to his heart, talking about his drugs... talkin' about how to manage hisself. And assuring us that we were on the Cardiac Nurses' books and that our area Cardiac Nurse would be in touch once she was back from holiday.

She said: "Is it all right for you to be on our books?"

We said: "Oh YES."

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