Monday, 23 August 2010

Animated Discussions with Mrs Doonuthin

OK. So I have finally cornered Mrs Doonuthin. And she has admitted that she is thinking of getting some software for making films.

The method for making such films would be "Stop Motion Animation".

I feel like this is a phrase to be sung 60s style. Three ladies in sequined mini dresses. Hair piled high. Loads of eyeliner. False eyelashes. Doo-Wah. Swivel. Point... "STOP" - sing they. Groove, turn, dip, shuffle. "MOSHUN... ANIMASHUN... Doo-Wah." Heads down, shimmy forward, other arm raised and ... point...
"STOP!" sing they, "...Moshunanimashun-wo-wo-yeah-yea-ea-eah....."

En-ny-way. What... you ask - is "Stop motion animation"?
I'll tell you more next time.
But think.... Wallace and Gromit or Peter and the Wolf or
... a button rolling round a cotton reel, more like.

The problem is that Mrs Doonuthin's equipment is a bit old. I mean that her laptop computer - though fit and healthy - does not have the memory ... or the oomph ... for Doowah-stopmotion-animashun.

Wo-yeah. And don't we all feel like that some days? Not enough memory. Not enough oomph. It's Greydoll territory.

So Mrs Doonuthin having considered the alternatives: a more basic software program; installing more oomph into her existing laptop; installing more memory - has decided that she may just have to get herself ..... a new laptop.

So then - which one? Sigh.

There has been much reading of magazines and studying laptop specs and software specs. And much going round in circles.

I'll let you know how she gets on. If she ever makes her mind up that is. At the moment, she's still going round in circles....talking to herself.

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