Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I was going to ramble on a bit more about animation....

But it's been beautiful weather this weekend and a girl has to sort out her garden some time. Like... mowing the grass, thinning out the bamboo, pulling up nettles and brambles and bindweed.
Then a girl mops her brow and sets to sorting out the runners on the strawberry plants, feeding the courgette and squash plants, and the snail ravaged beans.

So here I am - hot, sweaty, and tired.

I hear the chattering of swallows and look up into the blue sky. The birds are spiralling in a thermal above me. Many more than the usual three or four. Some are swooping over the rooves; but others are much higher up - little marks in the sky.

The other day, over at Long Rock, I heard the whistling and clacking of starlings. They were all rowed up on the telephone wires.

Swallows gathering to leave. Starlings arriving. Summer is turning into autumn.

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