Saturday, 25 September 2010

Into the Eye of the Dragonfly....

No. No suspicious substances.
Nor is we listening to The Incredible string Band.

"How sweet to be a cloud, in the blu..uu..ue."

But Old man and me take a walk just now, looking for blackberries. And The Old Man calls out and addresses something in the road - as is his custom.

I go back and look down.
On its back in the road is a huge dragonfly. Perfect. I can see its long abdomen moving in and out. The black stripe on blue widening and narrowing. Is that its breathing?

"I think it's just stunned. I bet it was that caravan." The Old Man says.

No traffic has passed us for a while... the last thing that does - is a car towing an old caravan with mossy windows. The caravan takes up most the country road.

"Move it out the road..."

I am nervous. The dragonfly looks so huge. With its four wings outspread, it covers most of the palm of my hand. I manage to pick it up and move it, turning it over as I lay it on the grassy verge. It lies there. It's legs moving a little. Its body moving with its breath. And I look into its huge eyes.

Another world.
A huge, slightly misted-looking, goldfish bowl of a lensy eye.
I am transfixed.

P.S. If you want to see what sort of dragonfly I think it is - click here.

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