Thursday, 21 October 2010

Indian Summer but Feeling Very Crabby

It is indeed a bit of an Indian summer. The Rook is singing. There are wheatears (birds - not corn) on the granite blocks of Long Rock beach. The sky is blue. The Old Man has finally got his drugs sorted out...

Oh but I am crabby today.

First frost last night. Central heating up the pole.

And that Mrs Doonuthin... still all at sea with her animatin' and computer. And... she says she's gotta make space in her workroom to make a "set" and lights and stuff. So she's wanderin' around with bits of fabric and arty rubbish from some previous endeavour and getting all confused about where to put things. And getting very irritable, I might add.

And of course that makes me very crabby. This is no way to treat a Star... moi. No respect. No consideration. I am bored. I want to get on with things.

But what respect do I get from my audience, let alone the Technical Person?
None. Not only have people pleaded with me not to stop with the news of the Old Man. (I wasn't going to stop with the news of The Old Man.) One email even requested MORE of him and his doings.

See that Old Man there - with his starring role and witty opinions? Do I take up my valuable time to report on his doings and sayings? Do I honour his trials and tribulations with my reportage?
I certainly do. But apparently that makes me - a mere amanuensis. The Old Man is the centre of this Blog and the concern of all who read my Posts.

I have nurtured a CUCKOO.

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