Monday, 4 October 2010

When Stardom?

I work like a ... a... I work really hard the other day for that film.
Lookin all charmin and playing with the cat.
Where did she get the cat, that Mrs Doonuthin? That cat .... that cat gets petted ... and fed tidbits ... and choochy-chooed at....
Me? Nada. Not a tortilla chip. Not a glass of red. And certainly NOT a chair with me name on the back.

The production values are a bit naff, aren't they. Talk about a beginner. Sheesh.

But everyone wants to be a star round here. The other day I speaks to The Old Man about me encouraging Mrs Doonuthin to start up another Blog (preferably somewhere far, far away from here). So's she can talk about makin her films and stuff.

And he looks at me all horrified.

"What. Leave my Blog?" say he.
"Whose Blog?" say I.
"It's got all my medical history on it." say he.

Sheesh. Everybody wants to be a star.

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