Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Down by the Water's Edge

The other day we go for that walk down Long Rock Beach. A beautiful cold, calm November day with the tide well out.

See. I took a photo for you to catch the feel.

Now, I like to take my cheap old binoculars to see what's what. The Old Man pours scorn on them but tis me what has to look and tell him what's going on out there. Cos I have no pride. I am cheap. And usually cheerful.

So - a large bird flying along between the sea's edge and some rocks further out - catches my eye. I peer through the glasses. "Hey," says I to The Old Man, "There's a heron flying along over the sea."

A while later I train my glasses back to the sea's edge. I'm surprised by what I see. The grey heron, stately and elegant, wading slowly along in the shallows - parallel to the shore. Head up, beak straight ahead, ignoring the odd dive-bombing crow - the bird is beautiful and somehow out of place.
I have never before seen a heron wade in the sea.

By the way, remember I was puzzlin over the three birds I saw in the same place the other week? (Click here that post.) Great Divers or geese? And we don't do geese much?
The Cornishman paper runs a little "birds seen" spot each week which gets it's data from the Sennen Birdwatch website (click here to have a look at that). So, it listed three pale-bellied Brent geese seen off Marazion. Reckon that was them. Oh I'm such an anorak.......

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