Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Exhausting Life of a Film Star

That Mrs Doonuthin is strugglin on, in the most chaotic way, tryin to play film-maker.

Consequently I spend nearly the whole day last Sunday... lyin on a bed pretending to sleep and turn and yawn and wriggle. Waiting for that pesky cat to jump on me.... and pretending to be all delighted with the mangy thing. Talk about an Oscar-winning performance.

And Mrs Doonuthin herself is pullin what's left of her hair out and literally re-arranging the furniture on set. So The Old Man has to come along and advise the witless creature about focal points and rearrange the set so she can see it through the camera.

I tell you it is emotionally exhausting containing one's great acting talents and energies amid the chaos and boredom of the film set. Quite enervating.

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