Friday, 3 December 2010

Moods and Weather

It is cold. As it is with most of you.

I am going stir-crazy with an icy lane and an increasingly immobile Old Man - whose back now hurts. I keep assuring him that it IS just back ache;(he can't see the crossed fingers behind my own back); issue him with a hot water bottle to strap to the spot; and tell him to move about a bit more.
I am all sweetness and light (well .... kind of...) and full of reasonable, sensible thoughts. And it is driving me crazy. But we have heat and food.

Our kind neighbour has offered to bring us back stuff from town - and he is going there by bus. It makes me feel very guilty. So - I have just snapped a temper and puzzled The Old Man a great deal. He is twitching for his newspaper, bird food, and milk.

I just scurry to my laptop and write this kinda stuff.

On another note - I am enjoying creeping around after Mrs Doonuthin at Vimeo and watching animation videos. Am also enjoying catching up with some of the blogs that I am following. You can find my Blog List over there, on the right hand side bar. Give them a go.

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