Friday, 7 March 2014

Coming Soon: A Night Out At The Opera: English Touring Opera's "Paul Bunyan" at Hall For Cornwall in Truro

Don't look now... The Old Man do promise me a night out.
Will I know how to function somewhere outside my own house? In the evening as well? Not sure.
The choice of entertainment be The Old Man's, mind. For some reason he is absolutely determined to see English Touring Opera's "Paul Bunyan" - a Britten opera with libretto by Auden.
It's a one-night only performance and it's on next Tuesday 11th March 2014 at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro. (Monday is "Magic Flute"... so "touring" be the operative word here, I think.)
I am not sure about this choice and do screw me face up a bit. Though I have come round to liking Britten, I admit. Anyway, The Old Man have limbered up by dredging out an old boxed set of the opera (vinyl.. not dvds) and bombarding me with it...
....and the trailer looks good.
Maybe I could quite like it after all.

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