Saturday, 8 January 2011

BBC Radio Rage

I like to listen to BBC Radios 3 and 4.

But sadly listening to Radio 3 is out of the question for now because they are playing Mozart all day, everyday, for twelve days from Jan 1st to 12th. Don't misunderstand me - I do like a bit of Mozart now and then.

But not TWELVE DAYS of it.

Now - on Sunday the 9th Jan - Radio 4 is broadcasting nine ... yes NINE items throughout the day about the King James Bible.

(I'm so old I can remember when this was jettisoned as the standard issue bible version, cos it was considered old-fashioned and incomprehensible to younger folk. Now we are being lectured on its beauty and poetry. This is the depressing thing about getting older - you really have seen chunks of it all before ....)

This is really lazy broadcasting. Radio 3 has been sidling into this kind of broadcasting for a while now but never... never.... have they managed a fortnight of classical muzak - which is what they have reduced the music of Mozart to.

Anyway. My point is that - as far as my mainstream Radio listening goes.... well sometimes I forget and turn on my radio .... and think the Queen must have died. Either that or there has been a military coup by dreadfully polite Austrians with a taste for biblical recitation.

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