Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Meeting Vera

So it seems that my old mate, Vera, heard that Mrs Doonuthin is filmin' and decided to check out the chances of work.

Vera turned up on the scene about eleven years ago - back in the East End of London. She likes to pronounce her name "Vyera" when she's feelin hoity-toity about her "Russian" background. True she comes from further East than me... but I reckon that makes it more Dagenham than Russia.

She's done circus work in her time - trapeze and stuff - and a bit of burlesque... if you like your burlesque with tattoos and piercings...

But let's face it - I'm a grey doll myself and Vera can only be about eight or ten years behind me. I don't know how much of that physical work she's gonna manage these days.

Still - she's gonna see what Mrs Doonuthin has to offer - so watch out for the "old girl".

O-Oh! She heard what I just said. She don't look pleased.
She always did have a hot temper. Is that an empty beer bottle in her hand?

Bye darlins... I'm off.

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