Friday, 4 February 2011

The Old Man and the Surgeon

Hello. Just to say to "Old Man Watchers" everywhere, that we did visit the The Old Man's Heart Surgeon yesterday - two hours drive away....

The Old Man actually succeeded in seeing The Man Himself. And the Surgeon is pleased with his progress. And says not to worry about this Heart Failure business. There is every reason to think that his heart can still improve it's condition somewhat - with the drug regime and so on. He is happy with the level of drugs that The Old Man is on at present. Do you feel this? Do you feel that? Don't worry... and
- in the manner of the medical god that he is .....

"Go live your life and enjoy it."

I hear this news and still shake my head in a degree of confusion over who to believe over Old Man's prognosis. (Remember I was a bit gloomy after his last session with the Heart Nurse? Click here for reminder.) But what matters to people in these situations is the context of their discussions. If you live with compromised health, the psychological and emotional aspects can't be forgotten.

And The Old Man is much jollier after his chat with The Surgeon.

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