Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Old Man Inspects the Beans

So I come indoors from the veg patch weepin' and wailin' and tearing the grey locks.

"You know them broad beans what the bees sabotaged? Nicking the nectar so hardly any set? And like they seemed to be seemed to be making new growth? And I's thinkin' maybe they're gonna flower again and give it another go?" say I.

"Yes?" say Old Man, transfixed in front of telly with Wimbledon and Andy Murray and that....

"Now... the bean tips is covered in huge, dark green aphids. Clamped to the tips they be. And making smaller greenfly like the clappers!"
I wave my arms about in aimless distress.

"Oh?" say Old Man, as he levers himself out of the tennis watchin' chair and ambles out - heading towards the veg patch.

I goes in the kitchen and huff and sigh and wonder what The Old Man will be doing about the broad beans.

Then I look through the kitchen window and see..... The Old Man down in the veg patch.... taking pictures of the beans with his new camera.

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