Friday, 1 July 2011

An Elephant in the Hand

So yesterday afternoon I get Mrs Doonuthin to cut the grass. It being sunny and dry and The Old Man agrees that it needs cuttin... as he himself sets out to go shoppin.

And...well... anything to kick Mrs Doonuthin out of her wine-sodden torpor really; mooning about makin' puppets that never quite get into animations....

Well I certainly don't get into any animations.

Fortunately, Mrs Doonuthin is more sober than usual, and be wearin' her spectacles, so that she spots this huge thing and rescues it out the grass... and I take its photo.

So. Yes. That aged hand is indeed the hand of Mrs Doonuthin, in case you wonder.

And that huge flying thing be an Elephant Hawk-Moth.

It have strange, large, opaque-looking green eyes.
And I reckon it have been around quite a while judging from its almost transparent wings and rather faded colours.

Bit like Mrs Doonuthin herself really.

I mean, when you consider that the moth does in fact have a few holes in its wings and a splodge of snail trail.... I reckon they make a good pair - the Moth and Mrs Doonuthin.

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