Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mrs Doonuthin's Dilemma: Part Two

So.... Mrs Doonuthin would still appear to be on the horns of a dilemma. (See here for previous related post.) She be more distracted than usual which is saying something. The bottle of red wine be ever at her side and these days she's not that worried about the accompanying tortilla chips. Finally she sidles up to me:

"I want to ask you a favour."


"Can I write about me learning to make animations.... on your blog?"

"(Sharp intake of breath)!"

"I know, I know... but you see I started my own blog about it but I just can't manage everything anymore; the animating;....."

"What animating?" ask I pointedly.

".... the blog; then helping you with your blog...."

"Say what?"

"And now.... er... well now I'm doing some reading and writing for another website...."

"(Mighty Gasp!!!)"

"So I was thinking.... as you are so insightful and amusing when you write about animation and films and your all-encompassing world view......"

"You're not buttering me up, are you?"

"Er... No. Definitely not. I absolutely mean every thing I say."

"Mmm.... This wouldn't be because no-one visits your blog but they do come to mine, Mmmmmn?"

"...I thought... No of course not.... I thought that maybe I could just slip the odd post onto your blog about... er... you know... learning to animate."

" (Mucho Silencio.)"


"(Todavia mucho silencio.)"

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