Monday, 1 August 2011

That Aspergery Thing: Words

So today, walking along a rather drizzly beach, we fall to discussing Renaissance paintings. As you do.

The Old Man says: "... so for years I thought that God appeared in an ordinary tungsten bulb. You know... like you have in the kitchen..."

"Huh?" say I.

"You know... He appears in a light, like from the ceiling."

"You mean a light bulb?"

"Yes. Exactly. But of course it would have been an oil lamp, wouldn't it."


"The Light. That God appeared in... Would have been an oil lamp in those days."

The penny drops at last.

"God appeared in a Light..." say I "... like a beam of light with a Dove painted in it... Not a light as in lamp."

"O-O-o-o-h.... I see. I was being a bit literal there, wasn't I."

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