Monday, 10 October 2011

Travels With my Film-Life: USA, CBS newsroom, 1953

Here I am with my beads and handbag, taking a back seat and watching the action as journalist and TV newsman Ed Morrow goes into battle with Senator (Blacklist) McCarthy.

We's watchin "Good Night and Good Luck" a 2005 release George Clooney film for Warner Brothers - with the delicious Mr Clooney as Morrow's co-producer Fred Friendly. The film is set during the time CBS News, or rather the Ed Morrow team, took on the communist-fixated senator who was twisting America up tight and getting everyone looking over their shoulder.... and decided to bring him down.

The film plays in black & white and looks pretty good as a recreation of the 1950s (I should know). It incorporates actual news footage from the time, such as sequences from the McCarthy hearings. According to Wikipedia - one audience member at the initial showings of the film commented that they thought that the Senator McCarthy performance was over the top.... not realising that it was in fact the real McCoy McCarthy, if you get my drift.

When I see films like this... I wonder what I would do? Would I stand up and be counted? I suppose I just thank my lucky stars that this was another time, another place.....

Yeah.... right.....

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