Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Old Man Watches "The Killing 2" on BBC4

So. There we have it. Saturday nights on the telly worked out.

As you may know The Old Man does have some problems with things like film or telly dramas... that facial recognition thing... (see Post for 6 Sept 2011)... So I's being all careful about it and says that as long as I can watch Episode 1 in real time... and Episode 2 is recorded for me to catch up with... then he's let off and we can watch something else at 10 pm. Cos I know he did manage most of the first series... much to my surprise.

He looks at me uneasy but says OK. And so we watch the first episode at the end of which The Old Man lets out a great sigh of relief. Then he says to me:

"Think I'd like to watch something else now. Rather than straight into the next episode."

"OK" say I, "I'll just pop out for a mo... be back in a minute..."

So I come back a few minutes later...
and The Old Man is sat there.... gripping the arms of his chair.... with the credits for Episode 2 of "The Killing 2" rolling up the screen.

"Hey! You..." yell I.... as I settle down on the sofa.... just in time...

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