Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Wonders of Matronymics

I's looking over Mrs Doonuthin's shoulder whilst she's reading her copy of Michael Ridpath's latest Icelandic set thriller "66 Degrees North". She's enjoyin it too. I can tell. She's slowin her crunchin on tortilla chips and the glass of red by her side is still practically full.

Anyways I am most impressed by the system of family names in Iceland.  Sons take Father's first name +..."son" and daughters take Father or perhaps Mother's name + ..dottir.

I do rather fancy struttin around as Greydoll Cecilsdottir or Greydoll Sybilsdottir.

Whatever. Now my dear little parthenogenetic daughters have a proper family name courtesy of Icelandic custom - Aurelia Greydollsdottir, Beryl Greydollsdottir ..........

I am happy.

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