Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Doings of Mrs Doonuthin

You may well ask:
"What of Mrs Doonuthin these days?...Be she animating yet?"
And I do say:
"Animating... shmanimating... Hah!"

My career still languishes.

Mrs Doonuthin be largely buried under crime books. Now and then the pile shifts queasily and she emerges to pour another glass of red... then she shuffles back into the pile. There sometimes be crunching noises coming from the book-pile also... The snack of choice these days do seem to be Japanese rice crackers... which I tell you be even noisier than tortilla chips....altogether a more high pitched, frantic noise....

She do mutter occasionally about "making" another character for animating....
What she do mean by "making"... I do not know. And sometimes I do roll my eyes heavenward and do feel like climbing the pile of books, forcing open a crack and yelling....

"Well get on with it then!"

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