Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Queening It

Recently... I be contemplating favouring monarchy as a way of government.

Course, sometimes some what do know me and The Old Man do call us anarchists...

....And Mr Smooth-Face Smartypants and his Cabinet is telling us that it is the Socialist Workers' Party (or as we used to say... the "Space Cadets") that have cowed the likes of Tesco, Superdrug, et al... so that they do get all nervous and back out of the government's work-for-nothing scheme.Though sometimes Mr Smooth-Face do say it's Anarchists. Tut-Tut. Who would have thought that Big Business could be frightened by "extremists" so easily. I think it may be a first.

Mind you. You never know who can influence opinion utterly. I seem to remember when Murdoch closed the News of the World... some furious spokesperson for something or other blamed it on members of MumsNet "eating their shortbread" and voting on the Web. It is obviously a shame that extremists such as SWP members and MumsNet members can hold Big Business... ahem.. cough... cough... the Nation to ransom in this way.

But my ponderin on Monarchy is rooted a bit more in the world view.... elections that get rigged... presidents that won't leave when their time is up... would rather slaughter their people than go.... Oh the joy of democracy.

Let's call a spade a spade... and go back to Kings and Queens.... then they can just haggle over the DNA of the matter.

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