Monday, 2 April 2012

Up The Hill And Down Again

 Another beautiful day and we do go up the hill near us that we be very fond of... (Can you be fond of a hill?)... Godolphin Hill.

It's very conical... very bare.
But maybe it was more wooded once?
Cos much of West Cornwall is an altered landscape...
I also wonder about the wooded thing...because at this time of year you do see wood anemone and wood sorrel amongst the heath and granite. Not much of a tree in sight. Just some small windblown trees... holly.... hawthorn...

And being a suburban born Kentish girl, I do remember wood anemone and sorrel at the edge of small copses that I did know in my childy days.

For sure, you get to the top of Godolphin and you do see an amazing  view
... both coasts at once, bits of both bays north and south ....
St. Ives Bay and Mount's Bay.

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