Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"...A Childhood Memory Crying Out..."

Mmmm. I do indeed go to St Ives yesterday. And glad to catch that exhibition and the exhibitions accompanying it at Millennium Gallery in Street-an-Pol. Even more delightful to silly old me... is to brave it into Dragon's Hoard in the same street, a tiny shop crammed with tiny things... not least lead soldiers, figures, vehicles and so on. I just can't resist acquiring these... two Land Girls and a Nurse.
Whaddya think?

And of course it must be in the air... cos today the Danny Boyle Olympic Opening Ceremony plans have been unveiled. A vision of rural Britain "...the green and pleasant land. It is something that still exists, and something that cries out to all of us like a childhood memory...." How lovely.

Oh! By the Way. God Rest Manor Garden Allotments. And those other bits of the green and pleasant land that got built over.

See? I's still grouchy.

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