Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dreaming the Dream

"Last night I dreamed I was in Manderley...."
What? No.
But I do wake up with a dream...
that I be in a cottage somewhere in Cornwall... small rooms... and a dinner party with Edita Grubarova as guest. She be smothered in glittering diamond necklaces and stuff but do in fact look like Lilian Gish. I have to go and fetch a doctor for her. This be a doctor who is somewhat disgraced and be regarded as a quack. When I look in again he have wired up "Grubarova/Gish" to some electrode type thingy and The Glittering One is exclaiming that she can move her fingertips again....

What can I say?
When it comes to a dream interpretation... clearly my Inner Diva be being treated by my Inner Quack.
Still, at least they are both being kept occupied for now.
Happy Dreams, my dears.

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