Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fledging and Flying

Rain and wind has stopped... for now. In fact the sun do shineth.
I be out in the garden cutting back the tropical jungle that is grass, "weeds" and so forth.

I hear the "si-seeing" that means baby-blue tits have fledged and parent tits are leading them around feeding them. Shaking of wings and frantic high-pitched "si-seeing".
"Aaah!" goes I looking on fondly.

But all baby birds want feeding from their parents. I am disturbed in my weeding by raucous screaming and gargling sounds. Sure enough, as I look up I see a rooklet on the telephone wire... flapping its wings and screeching at it's cool and indifferent parent. Such a ruckus that a young magpie (looks like an adult but shorter tail) hops into a nearby tree to see what on earth is goin' on. Well, Baby Magpie can talk.... nearly... I been hearing it and its parents' rough and gruff exchanges for quite a few days now... usually from opposing ends of the garden while Baby plays disobedient youngster... "No I don't want to come home... I's up here on the chimney and I like it."

My point is.... screaming flapping baby rooks be just the same as quivering sparrow chicks and blue tits. But the cute factor is perhaps missing. Whatever... all babies need food.

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