Monday, 18 June 2012

The Hum in Your Head

"What is this tune? Humm ... humm..huhum..." say The Old Man.
"You mean... Humm ... humm.. huhum.. hummmhumm?"
"I don't know."

"HUHum..humm..humm.humm...." sing we.
"Something French?.... Something Latino?"
"Could it be Carlos Gardel?" say I, "That record what M brought back from Buenos Aires?"
"I dunno." say Old Man
" Well put it on and we can find out." says me.

So, a morning of searching high and low do ensue with me getting increasingly grumpy at The Old Man's "intuitive" record filing system. It's my precious record.... brought all the way back from Argentina by friend who be performing at that time in theatre thing in Buenos Aires. Memories of a time when friends flew all over the place and I do not live the life of a pensioner in West Cornwall. I be getting very, very upset when The Old Man finally finds the Carlos Gardel album. We do put it on and I do hum along happily.

We have both of course forgot whatever tune it be that we be humming at breakfast time.

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