Saturday, 28 July 2012

Moths Do Fly

We be proud of our Burnet moth "nursery" in the driveway.
I may have implied that I be not the tidiest of gardeners.
So this time of year sees the edges of the driveway covered in long grass, plantains, hawkweed.... and Bird's-foot Trefoil.

Have often seen the gaudy day-flying Burnet moths fluttering around here. And chrysalises too. This year for the first time I do spot caterpillars and do not realise till checking up that these are the Burnet caterpillars... and they are indeed munching away on the leaves of the trefoil plants.

I always have a soft spot for trefoil flowers. I also remember the Burnet moths flying on the cliff paths around Sennen in my youthy days in West Cornwall. Now I know that they are interdependent. And am glad I be a bit lazy in the tidy gardening department. The chrysalises are already hatching and tuning into the iridescent peacock and crimson moths.

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