Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sun And Heat At Last

Oooh Yes. It be frazzlin' here. I do some garden stuff and have to stagger in to recover. It be so hot that Mrs D has switched from a glass of red to a glass of fizzy water with a slice of lemon. Sittin' there... on the sofa... fanning her little distressed self and reading her crime thriller.....

The Old Man did call me out to look at a cricket on the wall top out front. It be a small Great Green Bush Cricket... about one and a half inches long so not fully adult yet, maybe what they call a nymph. (Remember I did post a picture of an adult on the house wall last year?) This one looked a bit wobbly on its flower stem. Tried to get a photo again but didn't want to disturb it really. It started to munch on the hawkweed it was sitting on so I guess it had got the hang of things.

Certainly a day for natural encounters. I goes into the garage to fetch some vegetables.... What? It be cool and dark in there... a good place for keeping the veg...I be sayin'. So I go in for an onion .... when something dark and leggy scrabbles away from me. I jump feet and yell. But it be a toad. And it be more frightened than me I bet. It do scuttle away behind some flower pots. Fancy that, a toad in the garage is worth more than two in the... the.... erm.... I dunno.

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