Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Night Out: Footsbarn's Tempest

Last night we do see Footsbarn's "Indian Tempest" at the Hall for Cornwall. I must say that Truro do look deserted at 7 o'clock in the evening.

I told you a little about Footsbarn Theatre in a previous post. So.... I enjoy the production once I get the hang of it. First of all the players speak to each other (and us) in English, French, and Indian languages... But then I do think.... that this is Shakespeare's "The Tempest" which be set on an island ruled by the shipwrecked magician Prospero with his young daughter Miranda... along with various spirits and monsters. So I do reckon that multilingual speaking be fine for this magical place.

Performances full of gusto, Indian costumes, masks, European costume, flames, smoke and magic... as it should be in all theatre, I do reckon. (Well. Almost. I like my Beckett stripped down as intended.) The clowning is wonderful, clear and part of the plot as I do not often experience in Shakespeare. And the musicians are great. I enjoy the whole premise of the production. The Old Man desperately wants to connect it all to Commedia dell'arte but I'm not so sure... although where do you get away from Commedia dell'arte when it comes to theatre? One did see and hear some audience members desperately trying to piece together what they knew of the plot of The Tempest. Nevertheless we do give the company a warm applauding.... and clap to their drumming, singing finale.... and they seem well pleased with our effort too.

Just a shame to leave a theatre that for all the world feels like a closed-up municipal building... which is what it is I guess. Shutters over the bar and coffee place.... magic gone.... and there you are.... tiffed out into the still deserted streets of Truro. Ho-hum.

Footsbarn continues their production in Truro for the rest of this week until the 15th of September. After that.... its Amsterdam, back here to Exeter, then Corbeil-Essonne in France. You can see the details on their website here.  If it sounds like your stuff... go see and enjoy.

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