Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Concert-Going: IMS at Porthleven

This is just to say that yesterday afternoon we did indeed get to a concert from the IMS series in St. Bartholomew's Church in Porthleven. Well I enjoyed it very much. In part, it is so long since I have been able to listen to live music of this kind and it is so different to be in the room with the living music. Like the difference between looking at a painting and looking at a reproduction of that painting.

Although it be "lucky dip" at the time I got the tickets as to what they would be playing, I be lucky and it turned out to be just fine with me. Webern, Schumann (OK, not too keen on Schumann) and Schubert, all fine. And I be entranced.

The Old Man do grumble about the acoustics in the church venue. And the gentleman sitting next to me did lapse into snoring from time to time. But maybe it was too soon after a good Sunday lunch for him.

Me? I be adrift in Schubert String Quartet in G Major... and they did play it fine.

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